Suggestions to Help Find the Right OB GYN

Unfortunately, society has placed a stigma on women’s sexuality and health care. This sometimes makes women feel nervous and anxious about visiting a Jacksonville OBGYN. Choosing a gynecologist should not be a cumbersome task, but rather one easy to do.

More children or no?

Before visiting your doctor, it’s important to decide if you want to have children, or at least keep this option open. When choosing a gynecologist (or any other doctor), it’s ideal to select someone you can establish and maintain a long-term relationship. If a person wants to have children, they may prefer to choose a gynecologist who is also an obstetrician because an obstetrician can supervise a person’s health care during their pregnancy.

All gynecologists are also practicing obstetricians. It is important for people to refine their research to the appropriate group of health professionals.

Single practitioner or group?

Women should decide if they would prefer to see one OBGYN or a few practicing physicians in a group. Some women prefer the latter option, especially when seeing an ob-gyn. In this case, a woman seeing an OBGYN in a group would have access to several other doctors who may be on-call.

Other women prefer to focus on their health care during pregnancy, in which case they do not mind seeing a different OBGYN in the same private practice. Also, ask the practice if they have telemedicine.

Decide whether you prefer a male or female gynecologist

People should ask themselves if they feel more comfortable being examined by a woman or a man. They also need to make sure that they feel comfortable discussing specific issues and concerns related to their health as a woman.

Past abuse or trauma may not have an impact on whether a person prefers a male or female gynecologist. Ask friends or family whether they prefer to see a man or woman and why. Consider their comments, as well as your own feelings, and decide which feels more comfortable.

A gynocologist is possibly the most important doctor a woman will ever have, so the selection of him or her should not be taken lightly. Interview several different options and go with the one you feel most comfortable.


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